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Kitchen Transformation: Tired Tiled Floor To Modern Luxury Vinyl Tile


The existing flooring of this kitchen/dinner was tiled with slight steps between the different areas of the ground floor. Resulting in an outdated look, that was cold underfoot and created a space that didn’t seamlessly flow.


Our client having a young, growing family wanted to create a functional kitchen, dinning room and play room that had one flowing floor throughout. This needed to be practical and durable with small children running around while injecting the modern style they were looking for.


With the existing floor tiles and floor leveling requirements luxury vinyl tile (LVT) was chosen. With the correct sub-floor preparation LVT can be laid on top of your existing tiled floor, which means there isn’t a huge mess created by excavating the existing tiles.

The sub-floor for this job was built up to create one smooth level across the ground floor. This not only means that the finished rooms flowed better without having to step up or down, the LVT could run through each space seamlessly without needing doorway breaks. Helping to create the modern open plan look our clients were wanting.

Exceptionally easy to look after, the LVT flooring ticks all the boxes for our client’s hectic family life while still looking elegant and modern.


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