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Unrivalled choice

With Amtico you have an unrivalled choice of long-lasting Wood, Stone or Abstract flooring. Through their adaptable collections you can mix and match laying patterns or experiment with boarders and motifs to give you endless combinations.

Quantum Guard Elite

Amtico uses the industry's most technically advanced layering system. The world-leading Multiple Performance System gives underfoot comfort and high resistance to wear and its crowning feature is the new urethane layer, Quantum Guard Elite. Not only does it eliminate the need to polish but it also enhances durability and is easy to clean.

Designed & Made in Britain

Design talent, innovative manufacturing processes and precise craftmanship are at the heart of Amtico. With a solid reputation for expertise and skill, their luxury flooring is crafted at their specialist factory in Coventry and known around the world for its genuine provenance and quality.

Bevelled Edges

All Amtico planks and tiles are finished with bevelled edges. Each edge is precisely chamfered, so when fitted they make a 'V' in the join, creating a more defined finish.


With an unrivalled quantity of unique designs, innovative production provesses and superb quality standards, Amtico is a world-leading producer of luxury vinyl tiles. And they’re all crafted here in Britain, in their specialist factory in Coventry.

More than 50 years of experience goes into every Amtico floor. It’s why they’re happy to give them a minimum 25-year warranty.

8 reasons to love amtico


1. Strong & Durable

Every tile is engineered from heat-compressed layers to combine extreme resilience and superb strength with beautiful design.

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2. Easy to look after

Unlike delicate natural surfaces, Amtico LVT takes minimum effort to maintain. Tiles are easy to clean, repair or replace, so you can enjoy beautiful flooring for years to come.

Quiet Underfoot Icon.png

3. Quiet Underfoot

The unique structure of Amtico LVT helps to absorb sound to create a calm and peaceful space.

Feels Soft and Warm Icon.png

4. Feels soft and warm

Unlike hard stone or wood floors, LVT feels soft and warm underfoot.

Superior Looks Icon.png

5. Superior Looks

Choose across hundreds of Wood, Stone and Abstract designs to recreate the latest flooring trends and bring a fabulous finish to any room in your home.

Unique Designs Icon.png

6. Uniquedesign

Amtico LVT offers an unrivalled choice of colours, laying patterns and motifs, so you can create a unique look for your home.

Long Lasting Icon.png

7. Long lasting

Couch Flooring are hand-picked Amtico flooring specialists.  Our trained fitters will fit your new LVT floor for you to give you years of beautiful flooring.  

Suitable for Underfloor Heating Icon.png

8. suitable for underfloor heating

Amtico LVT is designed to work with underfloor heating systems, so it won't warp or crack like natural wood.


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Choose this want effortless elegance

Creating a stunning floor is simplicity itself with Amtico Spacia. Select from stunning Wood and Stone designs and a variety of laying patterns. With a 25 year warranty.

0.55 wear layer icon.png

Long-lasting wear layer for your home.

94 designs icon.png

Different wood and stone designs to choose from.

Two Parquet Designs Icon.png

Two Parquet sizes to choose from.

25 Year Warranty Icon.png

Amtico's commitment to quality, resilience and durability.

Amtico Form off website.png

Choose this love an authentic natural look

Beautiful laying patterns, including classic Parquet and contemporary Hex, perfectly complement the rustic Wood and realistic Stone designs in Amtico Form.

The whole collection replicates the knots and grains in wood, and the genuine appearance of stone ceramics. Enjoy the warm, comfortable and textured finish of Amtico Form. With a 30-year warranty.

0.77 wear layer icon.png

Super-tough wear layer gives long-lasting protection

Antimicobial icon.png

Antimicrobial Technology - providing protection against potentially harmful bacteria.

realistic texture icon.png

Three realistic grain textures bring an authentic appearance.

30 year warranty.png

Amtico's commitment to quality, resilience and durability.

Amtico Signature Logo.jpg

Choose this want to create a unique space

A host of patterns in an array of colours. Tailor your unique floor with Amtico Signature planks and tiles. Alternatively, look to Designers' Choice and Amtico Decor for pre-designed solutions. Carrying new collections, Designers' Choice now boasts 20 laying patterns with 133 colour combinations - there's a unique design for every space. With a lifetime warranty.

1mm wear layer icon.png

Super-tough wear layer gives long-lasting protection

Antimicobial icon.png

Antimicrobial Technology - providing protection against potentially harmful bacteria.

Design Freedom Icon.png

Design freedom - with over 200 products and 19 laying patterns.

Lifetime Warranty logo.png

Amtico's commitment to quality, resilience and durability.

For more inspiration and product selection visit Amtico

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