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What Is Washable Sisal?

A sisal carpet that’s washable – we call that, having your cake and eating it.

From the geniuses at Unnatural Flooring, washable sisal takes the stylish looks and texture of natural sisal and creates a soft, washable and stain resistant carpet.

Made from polypropylene, washable sisal brings a host of benefits found with manmade fibres including being:

- Stain resistant

- Water resistant

- Fully washable – bleach cleanable at 10% dilution

- Compatible with underfloor heating

If you love the look and style statement that sisal brings but need a practical solution for a busy household then this is the flooring for you. Coming in different weaves, colours and textures, from stripes, tiger weaves and herringbone – visit our showroom to touch and see this magical flooring for yourself.


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